1. Proofs, Approvals, and Color Accuracy

We recommend hard-copy proofs for color-critical art. This is particularly true if your job is to be printed on uncoated paper, because the substrate/paper and the density of the ink can affect color and appearance.

We will make every effort to match colors in production when a hard copy proof is requested. However, it is your responsibility to determine if you need a hard copy proof with their print order.

You may request a hard-copy proof for an additional fee. The time to produce and deliver a hard-copy proof will vary depending on the product you order. We will not send any job to press, whether it is based on an electronic proof or a hard copy proof, without your express approval of the proof.

By placing an order with Maucetak you agree to these limitations. We are not responsible for color variations in the electronic proofing process. If color is critical, it is your obligation to order a hard-copy proof. A hard-copy proof takes additional time and will very accurately represent your color and the ultimate printed product.

  1. Errors

Maucetak is not responsible for any of the following errors in a final product:

  • Spelling, grammar, or punctuation
  • Incorrect graphics or design elements
  • Low resolution images or photographs
  • Color transparency issues
  • Damaged fonts
  • Overprints (printing one color on top of another or “trapping”)

Maucetak is also not responsible for improper file setup, such as:

  • bleeds
  • crop marks
  • finished product size
  • die lines
  • folds/scores/perforations
  • page alignment
  • page orientation

Maucetak does not make any changes to design elements in the digital print file without prior customer approval.

  1. Shipping and Risk of Loss

Maucetak’s responsibility is limited to preparing your printing order and submitting it to the carrier for shipping. Maucetak is not liable for damages that occur in shipping.

All risk of loss for damage or delay to your order passes from Maucetak when we deliver your order to a common carrier.

  1. Copyright Notice

 You acknowledge that all content included on the Maucetak Site, including, without limitation, the information, data, software, photographs, graphs, typefaces, graphics, images, illustrations, maps, designs, icons, written and other material and compilations are the intellectual property and/or copyrighted works of Maucetak and its contractors and affiliates. Reproductions or storage content retrieved from this Site, in all forms, media and technologies now existing or hereafter developed, is subject to Indonesia and International property laws, including but not limited to the Indonesia Copyright Act.